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A System of Chinese Kung Fu From 
Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin
Bamboo Elder, Palenque-Chiapas Mexico
At the ‘Art of Kung Fu’ Studio,
we focus on teaching traditional Chinese Kung Fu, 
as taught to us by Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin.

Qigong • Wu Style Tai Chi • Northern Shaolin 

Chinese Kung Fu:
Strengthens the body, mind, spirit and heart. 
Increases circulation of blood and energy, 
which will improve your immune system.
Develops muscle tone, flexibility, balance and well-being.
On this site we include:
History of Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin
Photo Collection
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Friends and Family
Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin
1902 to 1988
Values & Principals
The values & principals taught by Grandmaster Yin are held at our studio. While the physical practice of Kung Fu 
is important, also is the developement of character with honesty, kindness and good intentions.

The 'Art of Kung Fu' studio maintains the three purposes of martial arts, as instructed by Grandmaster Yin. 
These are: Kung Fu is to be done for strong health and the development of character, to express the art and 
beauty of the movement, and thirdly for the defense applications. 

What is Qigong? (Qi Gong/Chi Gong) 
A series of slow movements which are done to deep breathing for the purpose of stimulating energy, increasing 
chi flow and oxygen deep in your system, improving health and circulation, and deepening relaxation ability.

What is Tai Chi? 
Tai Chi is a series of slow motion, continual movements which teach relaxation, developing balance, 
body posture, flexibility; and works to improve health throughout the body as circulation is improved 
and muscle tone is increased.

What is Shaolin? 
This style of Kung Fu is a faster, more aerobic series of movement which not only teaches self defense, but also promotes the body to function at a more effiecient rate, developes muscle tone and mass, and increases the 
delivery of fluid motion and reflexes. This style encompasses open hand styles, many weapon styles, as well as ‘double styles’ which are fighting interactions.

The ‘Art of Kung Fu’ Studio was founded 
by Cindy Martinez in 2002 for the purpose of providing 
an environment for the continued practice of Chinese Kung Fu, which was taught to us by Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin.
His martial arts system which is very extensive and developed, 
has deep historical roots originating in China. 
We are privileged to pass down this unique system of martial arts.
Cultivate Clean Chi
 Rainbow Sword
Beginning Level:
1 Basic movements
2 Tan tui (Spring Leg)
3 Chi ching dui da (Seven Star joint practice)
4 Fu ching chuan (Reconstruction form)
5 Lian bu chuan (Continuous step boxing)
6 Rambling-leg form
6 Seven star joint practice
7 Continuous 8-section staff
8 Four-way char form (Four-way searching)

Intermediate Level:
1 Shao-lin vehicle
2 Buddha form
3 Two-way joint practice
4 Thirty-two hands
5 Kun-wu sword
6 Ambush form
7 White ape staff
8 Grand emperor long form #1
Advanced Level:
1 Grand emperor long form #2
2 Tsai Shoau
3 Entangled dragon staff
4 Hsing Yih form
5 Six-in-one sword joint with spear
6 Startling rainbow sword
7 Plukmblossom saber
8 Spring-Autumn long-handle knife

Special Class:
1 Small tiger form
2 Plumblossom style praying mantis
3 Lein-wu palm lint form
4 Yang's large spear
5 Six-in-one staff joint practice
6 Single saber joint fancy spear
7 Dragon-phoenix double swords
8 Plumblossom double saber
9 Sun-moon double rings
10 Chin-na 16 movements
Northern Shaolin Styles from Grandmaster Yin