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A System of Chinese Kung Fu From 
Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin
Bamboo Elder, Palenque-Chiapas Mexico
About Our Studio
Our studio goal is to provide affordable training, to anyone in the community wanting to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual condition using the system of 
Chinese Kung Fu passed down to us by Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin. It is our focus to uphold his values and teachings: that moral judgement and kindness combined with a strong sense of family is the priority in training as a martial artist.

Initially, we try to work one-on-one with newer students so basic training can be learned 
at a person's own pace. After initial basics, a student is integrated into existing classes 
and progression is made according to the person's ability and time practiced. 
At our studio, we work with all ages. Starting with stretching, leg strengthening, balance development, Chinese Kung Fu can be done by anyone with the desire to invest time in practice. We all have a starting point that can be continually improved over time if we have the resolve to be consistent and diligent in training.
CIndy Martinez

Location: 1926 East Park Place • Milwaukee Wisconsin
Located on Milwaukee's east side, we now share our studio space with Murray Hill Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Our storefront is 6 blocks north of North Ave. and 2 blocks east of Oakland. 
Please call if you would like to view a class.

Class times
Tai Chi:
Our Wu style Tai Chi classes are held on Monday evenings from 5:30-7pm, Tuesday mornings, 10:30-Noon, .
Wednesday evening class 6:30-8pm. Our Saturday morning class is 10:30 until noon. 

Classes are Tuesday afternoon and Thursday evening

Other times are available/Please call ahead, class times are subject to change 

Adults: One day per week/$40 per month. 
More than one class per week/$50 per month. 
                   Children attending with an adult, $10 per month. Child only, $35 per month.

Note: We do not charge extra for advanced or 'special' forms. 
        This training is available with the natural progression through our system. 
About Kung Fu Classes:

What happens in Tai Chi Classes:

Students stretch and warm up. 

Classes start with the practice of Qigong: 
either a set of 8 Qigong movements or 
the set of 18 Breath and Qi LInking Qigong 

Beginning warm-up exercises to Tai Chi are done: Ba Duan Jin

Practice of Tai Chi: Wu's 108 forms 

Practice of Grandmaster Yin's Tai Chi sword

Practice of 3-Power Sword Joint Practice (San cai dui jian)

What happens in Shaolin Classes:

​Classes vary depending on experience. Generally starting with stretching, then warming up with 1st and 2nd levels of basic training, continued form practice, working form movements into application, and integrating weapon styles into practice.

Affordable personal training available at our studio 
or within the Milwaukee area
Original calligraphy from Grandmaster Yin