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A System of Chinese Kung Fu From 
Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin
Bamboo Elder, Palenque-Chiapas Mexico
Yin Chian Ho, born December 8, 1902, took a strong interest in Kung Fu in his later teens. He went from being sickly, to strong and proficient in the art of Kung Fu. His studies were with several teachers. Pictured below is Chan Yungtzou who taught the 18 qiqong and ba duan jin. 
Grandmaster Yin also studied acupuncture, herbal medicine, and calligraphy. 

For many years Master Yin served in the Chinese military, becoming a general and eventually fled to Taiwan with his wife. In Taiwan, Grandmaster Yin started a kung fu school in Changhua City along with a preschool. His wife died after arriving in Taiwan, and Master Yin later remarried the present 
Mrs. Yin, Tuang Gir Lung. She resides in their Milwaukee home. 

Grandmaster Yin arrived in the Milwaukee area in 1977 and started teaching his many styles of Chinese Kung Fu. For 11 years he had many dedicated students and became very involved in community projects which he supported by producing Chinese Kung Fu demonstrations. He initiated a performance in Chicago to raise money for Africa after seeing a photo in the newspaper of a starving child in a war strife area. It was his belief that Kung Fu should be done to increase your personal strength so you can contribute to your community in a strong and active manner. While many of these ideas were taught to his new students in America, they were founded from his experience in China and the very real need to place the larger community in front of personal needs. He expressed to his students, his desire for us to adhere to the principals which he held as the most important part of his teachings. Grandmaster Yin taught his extensive system of Chinese Kung Fu, including Wu style Tai Chi, Qigong, Northern Shaolin Baqua and Chin na.

Grandmaster Yin stood for the importance of moral conduct, how to develop as a person with integrity. To be honest, trust worthy, compassionate, true in value, to be strong in your thinking as well as your body; these were the important parts of his teachings. 

Grandmaster Yin was able to return to China and connect with his one of his surviving child. He continued to teach until his death in June of 1988. A funeral service was held at St. Jude’s Church in Milwaukee and his remains were then transported to Taiwan. He was honored by a grand funeral procession through Changhua City. His students from America and Taiwan did performances in his honor. He was loved by many. 

Grandmaster Yin’s school continued to operate after his death, until 2002, at which time the business was legally closed by the majority of his most advanced students. These students have continued to find avenues to teach, and practice. This was the beginning of the ‘Art of Kung Fu LLC’ studio. 
We continue to focus on the legacy of Kung Fu left by this great Grandmaster. 

                                Please see the ‘Journal of Martial Arts & Healing' vol 2 by Francis Gander, Editor

History of Grandmaster Yin
Examples of Grandmaster Yin’s famous statements are found in a book titled “the Teachings of Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin”, which was compiled by Sherrrod Milewski, with the help of senior students. 
Here are some of the passages:
Kung Fu Means Time. Practice hard for a long 
time and you will have Kung Fu. 
Practice hard and you will succeed and be happy.  
Seeking short-term pleasures will cause long-term suffering.
Every day has 24 hours: 8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, and 8 hours for play.  

Practice Kung Fu for three reasons, 
First for health, “Body Stong”
Next, for art and enjoyment,“Beautiful”
Last, for defense, “Can Use”

I wish for all my students to be 
good gentlemen and ladies. 
“Strong man, rich man, gentleman”

Pictured above, Chan Yungtzou, 
one of Grandmaster Yin's teachers. 
Other photos are of Grandmaster Yin in the 1980's.